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Completion of the KFC Great Britain Guest Survey on www.yourkfc.co.uk may open an opportunity to get small rewards from the company. These can include discounts, special offers, and reward points. It is their way of saying thanks for the information provided. The mechanics will be described in detail through a notification. The exact type of offer will be printed on the receipt.

KFC Great Britain Guest Experience Survey Details

Topic Details
Survey Name KFC Great Britain Guest Experience Survey
Survey URL http://www.yourkfc.co.uk/
Survey Prize Get 15% off your next purchase
Receipt Valid 3 Days
Survey Valid 14 Days
Survey Limit 1 per person, per receipt
Offer Limit Limit one Free item per receipt and per visit

About KFC

Kentucky’s Fried Chicken is an icon in the fast food business. The KFC brand is globally recognized with over 20,000 branches in various countries a definite favorite when it comes to its specialty. This massive company had humble beginnings that can be traced to the Great Depression. Back then, Colonel Harland Sanders started a little roadside restaurant to cater to motorists. It took 22 years before KFC embraced franchising but once it did, the business grew rapidly.

Today, KFC is considered as the second largest chain of restaurants just behind McDonald’s with an annual revenue exceeding $20 billion. They continue to be anchored by their original fried chicken recipe containing a secret blend of herbs and spices that provide a distinctive taste. Aside from their famous chicken, they also sell sandwiches, rice meals, wraps, salads, French fries, and desserts.

Terms and Conditions:

Rewards are meant for personal use. They cannot be sold or exchanged. They are also not convertible to cash, except in places where this is required by the law. Prizes and other promotions cannot be combined. Redemption must be completed before the offer expires. There will be no refunds for whatever reason after the prize has been redeemed. For more information, read the SMG Terms of Service from the survey page.


How to Take the KFC Great Britain Guest Experience Survey

Take By Online:

  • Go to the survey at www.yourkfc.co.uk and enter the four pieces of information required. All of them can be found on your receipt as illustrated by the image on the right. These will unlock the rest of the form.

  • Read the instructions regarding the special offer. Select your order type from the list of options and tell them how you made the order.

  • Rate your satisfaction level by choosing one of the five options presented. You will be asked to gauge particular elements of the restaurant like the service, the food, and the premises. Simply provide your honest opinions.

  • Tell them about any problems you encountered during the visit so that they can make improvements.

  • Estimate the likelihood that you’ll come back for more.

  • You might have ordered several items with each giving its own impressions. Select the item that had the most influence on your food rating.

  • Answer the additional questions. If you are interested in receiving notifications from KFC, then provide your email address.

Take By Online Video Guide:

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