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ALDI Customer Satisfaction Survey on, the whole idea behind the survey is to create an atmosphere of transparency and accountability within the company. It allows management to determine if customers are happy with the products and services they receive. As a valued client, you are therefore encouraged to participate, as doing so gives you a say and leads to better services.

It is only when customers share their open and unadulterated opinions about our services that the company can know whether they are truly happy with our products and services. Usually in the form of an online questionnaire, the questions asked ordinarily to solicit different responses, which are then taken up to management for consideration. Taking the survey might feel like a nag, but it is one way to improve your shopping experience. Surveys are an immense source of useful information that can be used to meet our customer’s desires.

About ALDI

ALDI stands for Albrecht Discount. Why Albrecht, you may ask? Well, typically -as a family business- it is fittingly named after Anna Albrecht, who opened the very first store as far back as 1914 in Essen (Germany). Quite naturally she was modeled it on the idea that people disadvantaged by crises of that time should be able to buy daily food items at a discount. Up to this day, it still holds true to that notion. In later years, it became known in its shortened format as ALDI discount supermarket.

With over 4000 supermarkets worldwide, ALDI is a seasoned supermarket chain with a proud history. Be it electronics, fruit & Veg, fresh meats or wine, ALDI will deliver.

How to Take the ALDI Customer Satisfaction Survey


You Must Have:

  • A Mobile phone or a computer with internet connection.
  • A Valid ADLI receipt.
  • You must be a legal resident of the UK.
  • An ability to read and understand basic English.

Take By Online:

  1. To start the survey, visit
  2. Enter the code inscribed on your ALDI receipt and press ‘next’. However, if the code is incorrect, follow the link that allows you to verify it and re-enter the code you’re given.
  3. Proceed to answer the question provided, and with ALL honesty.
  4. Enter your e-mail address and your contact information when prompted to. This allows you to enter a prize draw.
  5. Submit the Survey.

Take By Online Video Guide:


As you will soon find out, this survey is simple, short and straightforward. Customers should take this as a rare opportunity and, as such, should feel free to voice their opinions and concerns. As a teaser, regular shoppers stand a chance to win £100 vouchers every six weeks.

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