Post Office Tell Us Customer Survey


The Post Office Tell Us Customer Survey is designed to evaluate the strength of a post office branch. The post office is looking to find out how their employees interact with customers, whether or not the services offered are helpful to customers, whether or not products offered at a given branch are ideal for customers, and other types of information.

The Post office survey also tries to understand if the services rendered at their location were good from a customer service standpoint. For example, were you waited on promptly, were your needs solved by the employees at that branch, and would you be likely to return to that branch.

About Post Office

The Post Office is the UK’s largest network of retail financial services with branch volume exceeding that of UK building society’s and banks combined. They are also experiencing growth in direct channels like contact centers as well as over the Internet. They are able to serve more customers faster using these channels.

Other notable facts about Post Office include over 370 years in service, 170 services and products, more than 11,000 branches nationwide, and millions of satisfied customers. Over 280 of those branches are directly managed by Post Office with the rest having agency oversight by sub poster masters and partners. Post office is partnered with more than 170 products in four product categories. Those include government services, mails and retail, telecoms, and financial services.

How to Take The Post Office Tell Us Customer Survey


Entering a survey for any business is super easy. All you need is three basic pieces of information on the recipe you got from the business you patronized.

  • The store number on your receipt.
  • The date of your visit.
  • The time of your visit.

Each company is different, and their surveys vary. The post office will typically want some other information related to your visit:

  1. Visit
  2. The type of service you purchased.
  3. Whether or not you purchased stamps.
  4. Whether or not you used a self-service kiosk.
  5. The branch or postal code where the service was rendered.
  6. You then submit your survey and you’re done.

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Many times, you can be entered to win a prize for completing a post office survey. Prizes range from small gift cards to larger cash prizes. These prizes are of the random drawing kind. By completing the survey, visitors are entered into a contest for a chance to win the prize.


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