Pizza Inn Guest Satisfaction Survey


***The Pizza Inn Guest Satisfaction Survey is now Closed!***

The Pizza Inn Guest Satisfaction Survey, which you will find at, is the restaurant’s questionnaire to understand and evaluate customer experience. The information the restaurant obtains from this survey will be helpful in bringing about the right improvements in their stores. To ensure this survey is within the reach of all their customers, it is available online.

When you answer the questions in the survey, it gives the company immense amounts of information about your experience. If you had a great experience at one its outlets, the company knows that its store is following the right techniques. However, if you were not satisfied, the survey gives you the opportunity to voice your opinion about the store’s shortcomings. Through this survey, the company will understand where they need to make improvements and changes.

About Pizza Inn

Pizza Inn was founded by two brothers from Texas in 1958, who opened the first outlet in the campus of Southern Methodist University, Dallas. Due to the restaurant’s incredible customer-friendly service and mouth-watering pizzas, they were able to expand their outlets to several locations throughout Heartland.

The restaurant makes the dough for the crust from scratch, to keep the experience as authentic as possible. They also use their tangy sauce for all their pizzas, a trademark and signature ingredient of the restaurant. The restaurant continues to be an innovator in the industry, thanks to their unique dishes such as Taco Pizza, dessert pizza, and bacon cheeseburger pizza. They also focus on bringing fresh ideas to the table, to improve their pizzas further. The restaurant continues its tradition of treating and serving its customers as though they are family, for over three generations.

How to Take the Pizza Inn Customer Satisfaction Survey


You Must:

  • The ability to read and write in English.
  • Have access to a personal device such as a computer or smartphone, which allows you to connect to the Internet.
  • The receipt for your latest purchase from one of their outlets.

Take By Online:

  1. Head to the link
  2. The site will ask you to enter the restaurant’s number from your receipt, to start the survey.
  3. The survey consists of a questionnaire, developed by the restaurant to gauge your experience at one of the outlets. As the restaurant will be using your data, make sure that the information you provide is honest and accurate. Take additional time to go through the questions, if necessary.
  4. The information the restaurant collects from the survey will help them improve customer experience at all their outlets. The restaurant is grateful for providing them with valuable data.

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