Pal’s Listens Survey


***The Pal’s Listens Survey is now Closed!***

The Pal’s Listens Survey, found at, is an online questionnaire designed by Pal’s that keeps track of consumer appreciation of merchandise and services offered by the company. Improvements may need to be made based on the surveys received, and these improvements could include merchandise and other things. This survey is completed online for your convenience.

If you take part in the survey, you will be able to tell the company your feelings, the good and the bad. The company wants to know the good things so they can understand what is working for their company. The bad things are also important for them to know, because they have to be able to make improvements. They can’t improve if they don’t know what the problems are. You will also receive a free item for helping. View your receipt to find out what free item you will receive.

About Pal’s

Pal’s in an All-American fast food chain that was founded by Pal Barger in 1956. The restaurant, that includes a drive through for fast ordering and pickup, prepares burgers, fries, hot dogs, shakes, and sandwiches, and other lunch items. Their breakfast menu includes a variety of biscuit sandwiches and steaming coffee.

Pal’s prides itself on offering top quality customer service and continues to meet health standards. It employees over 900 people to run and manage its multiple locations. The franchise includes more than 25 locations throughout Tennessee and Southwest Virginia. They have several locations in malls as well as street locations.

How to Take the Pal’s Listens Survey


You Must:

  • A computer with Internet access.
  • The ability to read English well enough to participate.
  • Have a recent Pal’s receipt from a participating store.

Take By Online:

  1. Go to
  2. Read the short paragraph. There are steps listed below to help you through the survey as well.
  3. When ready, you can watch a video on how to take the survey or click take survey to start.
  4. Enter the survey code from the bottom of your receipt. This should be 17 digits. Click Next when ready.
  5. Answer questions about your visit. Be honest and thorough with your answers. Some questions will ask about the service you received, about the staff, and more.
  6. Make note of the validation code you receive at the end of the survey. You can present this code and your old receipt for a free item.

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