Patient Satisfaction Survey


***The Patient Satisfaction Survey is now Closed!***

The Patient Satisfaction Survey, found at, is an online questionnaire designed by the company that can improve customer satisfaction. This is helpful to both you and the company. This survey is done online for your convenience.

Providing feedback through the survey is a great way to help the company improve wherever it is necessary. You will mainly answer specific questions about your experience. However, if you had a problem, you will be able to write about it and have it on record. You do not have to participate in this survey, but it is helpful to do so. You do not have to share your name, though you can if you wish.

About Real Patient Ratings

Real Patient Ratings collects surveys taken by real patients about their surgeons so that people know exactly what their experience is going to be like. The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) endorses the Real Patient Ratings site, and they ensure that all of the reviews of health care providers are made by genuine patients. Surgeons aren’t allowed to compensate the individuals writing these reviews, and they’re not permitted to try and influence them in any other way.

While professionals from the ASAPS office check to make sure that reviewers follow these guidelines, the reviews aren’t limited to reconstructive procedures. Some patients have undergone treatment for melanoma as well as squamous cell carcinoma, and Real Patient Ratings features reviews of many surgeons who deal with these disorders as well.

How to Take the Patient Satisfaction Survey


You Must:

  • Have access to a computer and Internet access.
  • Be able to read English.
  • Have your recent Patient receipt that contains an invitation for the survey.

Take By Online:

  1. Go to
  2. Read about the survey and then enter your survey invitation code from your email invitation.
  3. Answer questions. These questions will rate your experience. Some are in scale form, meaning that you will be given one sentence and be asked to decide how much that statement is true using their specific scale. It may be one to ten or one to five scales. Other questions will include multiple choice; you may be able to select more than one answer. Please read the directions very carefully and read each question and answer carefully, as well. Other questions will be in the form of a text box.
  4. You can write your answer in the box by typing. Please use these whenever available. Most of the text box questions are optional.
  5. Enter your contact information if you choose.

Source Links:

  • Patient Satisfaction Survey Privacy Policy:
  • Real Patient Ratings Official Website:

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