Hurricane Grill & Wings Guest Satisfaction Survey


The Hurricane Grill & Wings Guest Satisfaction Survey, a questionnaire by the restaurant is available at The restaurant uses the information from this survey to make the right changes to their services. As the restaurant wants to collect vast amounts of information while making the survey accessible, they made it available online.

When you choose to be a participant in this survey, you are providing the restaurant with valuable hands-on data. If you are satisfied visiting one of their outlets, it tells the restaurant that they are implementing the right customer experience techniques. On the other hand, when you are unhappy with your experience, the restaurant understands which areas of its outlet need improvement.

About Hurricane Grill & Wings

Hurricane Grill & Wings established its first restaurant in 1995, located in Fort Pierce, Florida. Thanks to the restaurant’s beach ambiance, myriad of flavors, and legendary Jumbo Chicken Wings, they were able to win the trust of their customers quickly. As the restaurant was extremely successful in its venture, they opened more outlets in over 55 locations in states such as Texas, New York, Georgia, Arizona, and Alabama.

As the restaurant is renowned throughout America for its delicious dishes, it got featured in a list by USA Today. With over 35 rubs and sauces, along with a plethora of mouthwatering items on their menu, it isn’t surprising that customers can never get enough of them. The restaurant treats its guests and employees as family, to ensure they get the best experience at every outlet. Through inspiration, collaboration, and trust, the restaurant chain continues to make a positive impact on their community.

How to Take the Hurricane Grill & Wings Guest Satisfaction Survey


You must:

  • The ability to read and write in English.
  • Have access to a personal device such as a computer, smartphone, or tablet, which can use the Internet.
  • Have the receipt for your previous purchase from one of the restaurant’s outlets.

Take By Online:

  1. Head to the link
  2. The site will ask you to enter the store and check number from your receipt. According to the site, you will find these numbers on top of your receipt.
  3. The survey is a questionnaire, developed to know more about your experience at one of the restaurant’s outlets. Due to this reason, ensure that you remain truthful about your opinions, as these details will help them immensely.

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