Home Depot Customer Satisfaction Survey


The Home Depot 2020 USA Customer Satisfaction Sweepstakes.

You are not obligated to make a purchase from Home Depot to be a participant in this contest. Buying something from our company will not enhance your odds of winning. This contest is void where such activities are not permitted by law.

By entering this contest, you acknowledge your understanding of the Sweepstakes rules.

Sweepstakes dates: the “Home Depot 2020 Second-Quarter USA Customer Satisfaction Sweepstakes” (hereby referred to as “Sweepstakes”) starts on May 4, 2020 at 12:00 AM (central time) and comes to a close on August 2, 2020 at 11:59 PM (central time). This time frame will be referred to as the “Period of Sweepstakes.”

Qualification: only legal residents of the USA that live in one of the 50 American states (which includes residents of Guam and the US Virgin Islands, but does not include Puerto Rican residents) or the District of Columbia can enter the Sweepstakes. An entrant is described as a participant who is at least 18 years old when they signed up for the contest. An entrant that is deemed a potential winner (referred to as a “Winner of a Prize”) needs to have a valid, personal, and unique Social Security Number for sponsorship (which is defined further down in these Official Rules) so that the tax liability linked with a prize’s acceptance can be reported. A Social Security Number’s validity will be established by the IRS (“Internal Revenue Service”) as per their guidelines, which is elaborated on in the portion of the Official Rules under “Prize Claims.”


Who cannot participate in the Sweepstakes?

  • Employees, managers, directors, and officers of Home Depot Store Support, Inc. (“Sponsor”), and all of its respective affiliates, subsidiaries, and parent companies;
  • Dealers, organizations, and promotion/advertising agencies, which includes businesses offering market research and marketing services to the Sponsor or their client(s), agents or consultants;
  • Immediate family members (children, siblings, parents, and spouses), and people who live in the household of such people;
  • Others involved in the distribution, execution, production, and development of this contest – which includes American Sweepstakes and Promotion Company, Inc. (known as the “Independent Administrator”).

No one who lives in Puerto Rico can participate in these Sweepstakes; they are also void in any place where such contests are against the law (or where participants are restricted from playing).

Overview: a couple (2) of categories (referred to as a “Category,” and when collected, “Categories”) are included in this contest:

  1. category of the consumer (“Consumer Category”); and
  2. category for professionals (“Professional Category”).

A single (1) Winner of a Prize will be chosen from the Sweepstakes entries that qualify out of the Consumer Category, in addition to a single (1) Winner of a Prize from the entries that qualify out of the Professional Category. For full details, see the portion titled, “Random Notification/Drawing.” Note: only a single (1) entry per category is allowed. To qualify for an entry in the Professional Category, the participant needs to work as one of the following:

  • a tradesperson (specializing in HVAC, roofing, plumbing, engineering, etc.);
  • a rental property/real estate manager;
  • a commercial or residential construction worker;
  • a handyman; building maintenance manager/operator; or
  • a remodeler/general contractor.

If the entrant fails to meet the above criteria for the Professional Category, they will not qualify and must instead become an entrant of the Consumer Category. Those who enter by taking the Home Depot Customer Satisfaction Survey will be entered in the relevant category automatically as per the details they provide. Participants entering the Sweepstakes through the AMOE (described further down) are obligated to specify a category upon entry.

You can enter the contest through a couple (2) of different ways. No matter which option you use – whether it be through the online survey or through the AMOE, or even through a mix of both (2) approaches – there is an entry cap of forty-five (45) per individual while the contest is running.

How to Enter:

  1. A) Digital entry through the Home Depot Customer Satisfaction Survey once a transaction has been completed: the survey must be completed between May 4, 2020, at 12:00 AM (central time) and August 2, 2020 at 11:59 PM (central time) by going to the official website of Home Depot (www.homedepot.com/survey, hereby referred to as the “Website”). Choose the language of your preference when asked, enter your ZIP Code, and type in your User ID and password, which you can find on the receipt you’re presented with when you complete a single (1) one of these types transactions either online at www.homedepot.com or at a retail location of Home Depot when the item(s) bought is picked up from a participating location of Home Depot (a process hereby referred to as a “Transaction”):
    1. an exchange,
    2. a return, or
    3. a purchase.

Note: participants are allowed to use receipts from more than one transaction for Sweepstakes entry. For instance, if you are presented with the receipt after buying something, the User ID and password printed on the receipt can be utilized to participate in this contest. If the item bought is returned later or exchanged for another product, you’ll be presented with a different receipt, and the User ID and password shown on it can be used for Sweepstakes entry, also. Receipts can be used for fourteen (14) days after the transaction date (as printed on the relevant receipt) and be used for the survey.

The official entry form of the Sweepstakes should be completed in full. You must fill in your first and last name, phone number (which includes your area code), and email address. Afterward, click “Next” to complete the entry process. The survey must be completed by November 9, 2019 at 11:59 PM (central time). If the survey is not completed, and if the “Next” link is not clicked, you won’t be granted contest entry, and as such, will cannot become a potential Winner of a Prize. Note: the User ID and password printed on your receipt is valid for fourteen (14) days after the transaction date (as displayed on the relevant receipt). If the User ID and password expires before the contest ends, a participant can enter through two (2) alternatives ways:

  • performing an additional transaction within the Period of Sweepstakes to get another receipt; or
  • using the “AMOE” printed below. For instance: if a participant performs a transaction and gets a receipt with a date printed on the top that says August 21, 2019, that User ID and password shown on the receipt can be used to take the survey and re-enter the Sweepstakes (up until September 5, 2019 at 11:59 PM, central time).

If that individual doesn’t use the new User ID and password to take the survey by September 5, 2019 at 11:59 PM (central time), then they won’t be able to enter the contest online using the receipt associated with it. The individual can then gain entry by obtaining another receipt via performing a new transaction while the contest is taking place; or through the AMOE method, as explained below.

The User ID and password can be used participant to gain entry to the Sweepstakes up until its closing date. But if a participant conducts a transaction and gets a receipt with the date of – for example’s sake – November 3, 2019, then the individual will only be able to use the User ID and password for the survey (and can do so until November 9, 2019 at 11:59 PM, central time).

Each entry needs a valid User ID and password, which will be subject to verification. A single (1) entry for each User ID and password will be eligible. Further, if the participant’s transaction occurs within the Period of Sweepstakes, and the individual doesn’t take the survey before the end of the Period of Sweepstakes, the individual’s transaction will be eligible for the following contest (should one occur), assuming that:

  1. the User ID and password printed on the participant’s receipt remains valid (i.e., the receipt date is within fourteen (14) days of the transaction taking place), and
  2. the transaction takes place during the Period of Sweepstakes for any future contests.
  3. B) if the survey is not taken by way of AMOE (Alternate Method of Entry): to gain Sweepstakes entry without finishing the survey, you are welcome to fill out an entry and send it by postal mail. Your entry should be printed on a card 3 inches tall by 5 inches wide. You should type or legibly handprint your first and last name, your phone number (which includes the area code), your home address, and the Category (indicate whether you fall into the Professional or a Consumer Category). Your entry should be mailed in an envelope (business size) and sent to the following address:

Consumer Category: ASC/Home Depot 2020 Second-Quarter USA Sweepstakes for Consumer Customer Satisfaction, PO Box 430, Macedon, NY 14502–0430.

Professional Category: ASC/Home Depot 2020 Second-Quarter USA Pro Customer Satisfaction Sweepstakes, PO Box 431, Macedon, NY 14502–0430.

Each AMOE entry needs to be postmarked no later than August 3, 2020 with a “Received By” date no later than August 8, 2020. Entries are limited to a single (1) envelope. Individual envelopes are regarded as a single Sweepstakes entry. Numerous entries completed or submitted by someone besides the entrant will be voided. Mechanical reproductions are forbidden. AMOE entries need to have all fields completed for them to be eligible. If a participant tries to submit more entries than they are allowed to by way of different/numerous addresses, and/or other means, their entries will be removed from the contest. Entries sent by someone besides the entrant do not qualify. The Independent Administrator and the Sponsor will not verify a participant’s entry receipts. Each entry sent will become the exclusive property of the Sponsor, and won’t be given back to the entrant. No responsibility is held by the Sponsor for damaged, illegible, misdirected, late, lost, or insufficient postage entries.

Random Notification/Drawing:

A pair (2) of Winners of Prizes chosen during the Sweepstakes, each of which will obtain a prize as explained in the “Prize” portion below. On a date close to November 18, 2019, a single (1) Winner of a Prize will be chosen at random during a draw and will include all of the entries submitted to the Consumer Category (hereby referred to as the “Winner of the Consumer Prize”) and a single (1) Winner of a Prize will be chosen in a random draw and include all of the entries submitted to the Professional Category (hereby referred to as the “Winner of the Professional Prize”). A representative of the Sponsor will perform both random drawings, and the representative’s choices are determined by their own interpretation of the Official Rules, which will be deemed binding and final in all regards. Potential Winners of Prizes will be contacted either by phone or email by the Independent Administrator. They will be asked to submit the “Necessary Documentation,” as established in the “Prize Claim “portion below. If the Independent Administrator is not able to contact a potential Winner of a Prize by a notification, if a potential winner does not respond to said notification by a certain timeframe, or if the Independent Administrator and/or Sponsor decide – at their sole discretion – that a potential winner does not qualify as per these Official Rules, a runner up Winner of a Prize will be chosen randomly from the outstanding entries submitted during the contest. If this is the case, the individual will be contacted, as explained above.

Winning odds: the chances of getting picked as a Winner of a Prize is contingent on the sum of entries that qualify and are submitted within the Period of Sweepstakes.

Prize: Consumer Category prize: a single (1) prize consisting of a Home Depot gift card worth five-thousand dollars ($5000) will be issued to the winner of the consumer prize (“Consumer Prize”). The ARV (Approximate Retail Value) of the Consumer Prize is valued at five thousand dollars ($5000). Every prize’s issuance is contingent on the gift card’s terms and conditions. You cannot transfer, reassign, or substitute a prize; exceptions are made at the sole discretion of the Sponsor (or as otherwise offered herein). Any stolen or lost prizes will not be replaced by the Sponsor. Every prize is susceptible to taxes, as they are considered income. Winners of a Prize are exclusively liable for all local, state, and federal taxes that are applicable, which includes taxes on the individual’s income. The amount of prizes issued will be limited to the specified number as outlined in the Official Rules. Each prize will be issued to a potential winner.

Price Claims: unless prohibited in certain areas, every potential Winner of a Prize must fill out, sign, and send a notarized release (“Affidavit of Liability/Eligibility/Publicity Release Form”) in addition to adding a W9 IRS form (known as “Necessary Documentation”, when collected), within the timeframe and date specified on Notifications. If a potential Winner of a Prize does not send the Necessary Documentation by a certain date as specified, the individual will forfeit their right to the applicable prize, and an alternate Winner of a Prize will be chosen randomly from qualifying entries that remain within the applicable Category. Potential Winners of a Prize are obligated to report revenue to the IRS. If perchance the potential Winner of a Prize lacks a valid, personal, and unique Social Security Number as part of the verification process, as requested by the Sponsor for the sake of reporting the tax liability of the prize, this potential Winner of a Prize will forfeit their entry, and a runner-up Winner of a Prize will be chosen to replace them, as explained above. Validity of Social Security numbers will be established as per IRS requirements. Either the Sponsor (or a representative of it) is obligated to report the prize’s value to the IRS in the same year that said prize is obtained by the winner (who will be reported as a Winner of a Prize to the IRS on a 1099 form). Winners of a Prize consent (as well as agree to provide their signature to all required documentation administered by Sponsor to perfect, impact, or formalize the consent) to use of their name, voice, biographic details, and likeness (video and/or photo) for trade/publicity/marketing purposes without being compensated, needing approval, or given advance notice by the Sponsor, unless such contests are prohibited by law. Also, Winners of Prizes disclaim all rights of ownership over trade/publicity/marketing materials (note: residents of Tennessee are not obligated to add their signature to a publicity release as a term of collecting a prize). Prize issuance will occur six (6) to eight (8) weeks after the Necessary Documentation is delivered.

General Conditions: through their participation, entrants are bound by (and will adhere to) the Sponsor’s decisions and these Official Rules, which will be binding and final with regards to anything relevant to the Sweepstakes. If any aspect of the contest is – as per the sole discretion of the Sponsor – meddled with by human interference without permission; or if other circumstances – as per the Sponsor’s sole discretion – impair or corrupt an entry’s fairness, security, administration, or protocol, then the Sponsor – at their sole discretion – is legally entitled to suspend, alter, terminate, or cancel the Sweepstakes and hold the contest in a way that they deem consistent, appropriate, and fair as per these Official Rules. The Sponsor will issue a notice of such activity on their website. In these circumstances, the Sponsor is legally entitled to offer a prize to a random recipient from the remaining entries that qualify (and were submitted before the impairment). The Sponsor is legally entitled – at their sole discretion – to remove a participant from the contest if they believe the individual has meddled with the entry system or the Sweepstakes process; or appear to be violating the Official Rules; or behave in a manner judged as disruptive or unsportsmanlike. The Sponsor is legally entitled to reject or disqualify all false, inaccurate, or incomplete entries. Any endeavors by any individual to maliciously disrespect the Sweepstakes’ legitimate operations will be violating both civil and criminal law, and, if they try to do so, the Sponsor is legally entitled to request compensation from such an individual or group to the furthest extent of the law. A Sponsor’s inability to enforce any of the Official Rules’ terms will not constituent a waiver of such provisions.

Release: by engaging in this contest, the entrant will hold harmless and release the Sponsor, their client(s), and all of their parent organizations, associated officers, staff members, managers, directors, promotion/marketing associates, distributors, dealers, lawyers, assigns, representatives, successors, predecessors, divisions, guests, servants, insurers, shareholders, members, agents, affiliated entities, subsidiaries, and fulfillment agencies, which includes the Independent Administrator (known as the “Released Parties”, collectively), against and from all causes of action or claims that stem from engagement/use/redemption/receipt of the contest or its prize(s).

Liability Limitations: the Released Parties are not liable or responsible in any way for:

(A) consensual human interference in any aspect of the Sweepstakes or entry process;

(B) human or electronic mistakes that might transpire in the Sweepstakes’ administration or entry processing;

(C) any death, personal injury, damage, or property loss in association with the offered prize pursuant to this contest and/or any individual engagement of the Sweepstakes;

(D) any typographical or printing mistakes in any contest materials;

(E) entries that are damaged, incomplete, corrupted, misdirected, late, lost, stolen, or indecipherable; or

(F) any technical failure, which includes (but isn’t restricted to) the breakdown of any software, hardware, network, cable, mobile device, or computer (if applicable), in addition to any website failure while the contest is running.

Option of Law: entrants are not allowed to receive awards for – and therefore give up all legal entitlements to – consequential, incidental, punitive, or claim damages, or damages of any kind, which includes fees charged by lawyers. Further, entrants give up all legal entitlements to increase or multiply damages. All queries or concerns regarding the enforceability, interpretation, validity, and construction of these Official Rules – as well as the responsibilities and rights of the Sponsor and/or entrants in association with the Sweepstakes – will be regulated by (and defined based on) the state of Georgia’s initiative laws, without factoring in conflict of law principles in Georgia.

Personal Details of Entrants: by participating in this contest and filling out the survey, entrants are submitting data to the Sponsor about themselves. Such data cannot personally identify any individual. Your phone number, name, and mailing address will be collected by the Sponsor. This information will be used for administration purposes with regard to your involvement in the contest. When you are submitting an entry for the Sweepstakes, your email address might be requested, and we might ask for your consent to send you marketing materials in the future about Home Depot. You can unsubscribe from emails we send you through a link at the end of every message, or by going to www.homedepot.com/c/privacy_security. Any other details acquired by entrants (which includes, but isn’t restricted to, the sex of the entrants, as well as any details about their demographics) will be used strictly for the purposes of analyses. Your privacy is of paramount importance to Home Depot. You can read the privacy policy of the company in full by visiting www.HomeDepot.com/C/privacy_security. To speak to the customer support team at Home Depot about the privacy of your data, you can call 1-800-553-3199 or send a fax to 1-877-496-9470. You can also email our customer support team at customercare@homedepot.com. You can see the information you submitted to the Home Depot website, as well as register or modify your privacy preferences, at www.homedepot.com/cprivacy_security. You can also send a letter to the following address (kindly include your phone number (which includes the area code) and your email address in your message, in addition to the relevant information necessary to support your query) to:

The Home Depot, Inc., Attn: Privacy Official Customer Care, 2455 Paces Ferry Rd., Atlanta, GA, 30339-4024.

Request for Sweepstakes’ Rules/List of Winners: to obtain the names of the Winners of Prizes, or to receive a copy of the Official Rules, kindly send a self-addressed stamped envelope that is postmarked no later than August 31, 2020 to “Home Depot 2019 Third-Quarter Sweeps USA” (you must specify either “Request for Official Rules” or “List of Winners of Prizes”), American Sweepstakes and Promotion Company, 300 State Street, Suite 402, Rochester, NY, 14614. A copy of the Official Rules can also be downloaded on the company’s website when the contest is running. The names of the Winners of Prizes for prior Sweepstakes are also listed on the website, as the names of the Winners of Prizes for this contest will be, too, after August 31, 2020 (upon confirmation).

Sponsor: Home Depot Store Support, Inc., 455 Paces Ferry Rd. NW., Atlanta, GA, 30339. You are not allowed to publish the Sweepstakes without written consent from the Sponsor.

Independent Administrator: American Sweepstakes and Promotion Company, 300 State St., Suite 402, Rochester, NY, 14614.


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