Grand Lux Cafe Guest Satisfaction Survey


***The Grand Lux Cafe Guest Satisfaction Survey is now Closed!***

The Grand Lux Cafe Guest Satisfaction Survey, found at, is an online questionnaire designed by Grand Lux Café that measures customer appreciation. The company takes the survey information and uses it to make needed updates. This survey is done online for your convenience.

Participation in the survey is definitely needed by the company so they can understand their customers better. The company is always changing and updating. It helps them to know what actually needs to be updated or changed. This is where the surveys come in. They look to them to find out what customers like and dislike. The things that are not liked can then be changed. You only have three days from the date on the receipt in order to participate.

How to Take the Grand Lux Cafe Guest Satisfaction Survey

You Will Need:

  • A computer with Internet access.
  • The ability to read English well enough to participate.
  • Have a recent Grand Lux Cafe receipt from a participating store.

Take By Online:

  1. Go to
  2. Read about the survey and click Continue.
  3. Read their privacy policy and what they do with the information they collect. You will need to scroll to the bottom of the page. Click Continue after reading everything.
  4. Enter the invitation code from the bottom of the receipt. This will be a total of 14 digits. There is no need to enter the dashes. Click Start to begin.
  5. Answer questions. Please be honest with your answers. It is important to read the question and all of the potential answers before answering. Some questions may allow you to “rate” your experience using a scale of one to 10; others provide a text box or use multiple choice.

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