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The Firestone Complete Auto Care Customer Experience Survey on consists of questions to help understand your experience in their outlet. The data the company gets from the survey will give them direction on how to improve their services. As the survey has to collect information from all their customers, it is available online.

If you choose to be a participant in this survey, you are giving the company a lot of valuable data about your experience. If you are a happy customer who loves visiting their outlet, it shows the company that their store is doing a good job to take care of the needs and requirements of their consumers. However, if you are unhappy, there may be certain aspects of their store, which needs an overhaul. As a token of appreciation for participating in the survey, you can take part in their sweepstakes, where you can Win 1 of 10 $50 Gift Cards!

About Firestone Complete Auto Care

As Firestone Complete Auto Care’s roots go back to 1926, the company has immense amounts of experience, when it comes to servicing automobiles. They use a team of professionals to provide the perfect solutions to all the customer’s vehicle needs. As they make zero compromises in quality, they only use state-of-the-art technology and offer top-grade products. The company ensures that every customer has a wonderful experience at their outlets.

They go above and beyond to help their community, through their involvement in a myriad of programs. They organize workshops, which give valuable insights about maintaining cars for free. the company recycles a huge portion of their waste, to reduce their impact on the environment.

How to Take the Firestone Complete Auto Care Customer Experience Survey


You Must:

  • Have access to a personal device such as a desktop, laptop, smartphone, or table, which allows you to connect to the Internet.
  • Comprehend instructions in English or Spanish.
  • The invoice for your most recent purchase from one of the company’s outlet.

Take By Online:

  1. Head to the link
  2. You will need to enter a code consisting of 12 digits from your invoice. You will find it at the bottom right of the invoice.
  3. The survey has several questions, which helps the company evaluate your experience as a customer in their outlet. For best results, you should always remain honest with your answers.

Take By Online Video Guide:


Firestone Complete Auto Care will use the data you provide to introduce necessary changes, if any, to their services in various outlets. If you win the sweepstakes, the company will get in touch with you through the email address provided in the survey.

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