Big Boy Guest Satisfaction Survey


***The Big Boy Guest Satisfaction Survey is now Closed!***

Found at, the Big Boy Guest Satisfaction Survey consists of a series of specific questions, to understand and evaluate the experience of their customers. Through the survey, the company collects vast amounts of information, which helps them make the right changes throughout the company. As the survey requires a large number of customers to provide data, they can take part in it online.

As a participant of this survey, you are providing the company with hands-on data which they can use to gain a deeper understanding of their stores. If you are satisfied after visiting the store, it shows the company that they are following the right techniques and methodologies for optimal customer experience. However, if you are unhappy, it is a sign that the company needs to improve and change their services in their store. The company shows you their gratitude for participating in the survey by giving you a free item from their menu, during your next visit to their outlet.

About Big Boy

Bob Wian, the founder of Big Boy, sold his beloved automobile to purchase and run a hamburger stand, in California, in 1936. Initially, the name of the restaurant was Bob’s Pantry. He changed the name to Big Boy, in honor of one of his customers, who helped him clean up to get a free burger. The restaurant gets its fame after making the double-decker burger, as per the request of one of their customers.

Another customer helped the company by providing them with the character for the brand, by drawing him on the napkin. With more than 76 years of history, the restaurant chain continues to have a solid presence, attracting thousands of consumers regularly.

How to Take the Big Boy Guest Satisfaction Survey


You must:

  • Be able to comprehend English.
  • Have access to a personal device such as a tablet, smartphone, desktop, or laptop, which can connect to the Internet.
  • Have the receipt for your latest purchase from one of their outlets.

Take By Online:

  1. Visit the link,
  2. Enter your personal details such as name, email address, and phone number, to start the survey.
  3. Answer every question with honesty, as the company will use your data to bring about appropriate changes.
  4. To receive the validation code, which you can exchange for the free item should be done within 14 days after your visit to one of their outlets. Write the code on the receipt (at the back) and redeem it at one of the Big Boy outlets.
  5. The company appreciates the fact that you took the time and effort to complete the survey. As the validation code for survey participation is valid for 30 days, make sure you visit one of their outlets as soon as possible.

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