Taco Mac Guest Satisfaction Survey


***The Taco Mac Guest Satisfaction Survey is now Closed!***

The Taco Mac Guest Satisfaction Survey, found at www.Tmacfeedback.com, is an online questionnaire designed by Taco Mac to help improve customer satisfaction. You can receive a special offer for participating. See your receipt to see what offer you will receive. Once the survey is done, you will get your special code to write.

How to Take the Taco Mac Guest Satisfaction Survey

You Will Need:

  • A computer with Internet access.
  • The ability to read English well enough to participate.
  • Have a recent Taco Mac receipt from a participating store.

Take By Online:

  1. Go to www.Tmacfeedback.com.
  2. Read about the survey. Enter the survey code from the middle of the receipt. This is 15 digits.
  3. Answer questions. These questions rate your experience with the restaurant. You may be asked yes or no questions. Select the appropriate response. You could also be provided multiple answers. Please select the most appropriate response. In some cases, you will be provided a text box, especially if you answer that you were unsatisfied or satisfied. You can type in your answer and provide as much information as you want. This type of question is generally optional, but can really help the company. The last type of question you will encounter is the scale question, where you are given a question or statement and asked to rate specifics in the restaurant, such as cleanliness.
  4. Write down your code. The code is presented when you finish the survey. Write this on your receipt in the allotted space. You can then take the survey (with the code written) to the same Taco Mac restaurant where you received the receipt and redeem for the offer presented.

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