Dollar Tree Customer Satisfaction Survey

Dollar Tree is a company that prides itself on not only great values but great service. Its patrons are tried and true, coming in at the millions each and every year. However, Dollar Tree did not get this successful on its own. In fact, it was smart enough to turn to its customers for advice on how they can improve and continue to do well. Thus, the Dollar Tree customer satisfaction survey was born.

The survey is a way for customers to voice their opinion and offer new ideas for Dollar Tree to get better in every facet of their business. From the products that they carry to the way they treat their customers, Dollar Tree strives to serve generation after generation with the best service and best products humanly possible.

About Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree was founded back in 1986, however, at the time it was touted as Only $1.00. In 1991, the company made the switch to the name that we know and love today – Dollar Tree. It did a great job in its rebranding. It now has over 15,000 stores in operation and almost everyone has heard of the Dollar Tree or at least knows where one is in their hometown.

Dollar Tree is not just about saving families money, but it also participates in SNAP for families in need. Most stores also collect toys at Christmas to help in Toys for Tots efforts, making the Dollar Store small on prices and large on a heart.

How to Enter the Dollar Tree Customer Satisfaction Survey

Terms and Conditions:

  1. No refunds.
  2. The company only accepts manufacturer coupons.
  3. Free items are only given if they are a part of Buy One Get One Free deal.
  4. All terms are subject to change.


  1. Go to
  2. Choose the language that you wish to take the Dollar Tree customer satisfaction survey. You can pick from English, Spanish, and French.
  3. Enter the survey code that can be found on your Dollar Tree receipt.
  4. Proceed to answer the remaining questions honestly. Completing the survey enters you for the chance to win $1,000 cash daily and even instant prizes like cash and merchandise.
  5. Don’t forget to click submit to be sure that your survey was entered.


The Dollar Tree is a company that cares about its prices because it cares about its customers. It wants to provide them with items that help them to lead a happier, healthier and on-budget lifestyle. Because of this, your feedback means so much.


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